SUGIMOTO's Commitment to Traditional Knife Crafting

SUGIMOTO's Commitment to Traditional Knife Crafting

SUGIMOTO is a Japanese knife maker who believes in keeping the traditional craftsmanship in traditional Japanese knife making.  

Established in 1948, our company's roots trace back to 1830 when the founder Kihei Sugimoto began his artisanal journey in Fukui prefecture. Over nearly two centuries, we have honed our skills through relentless learning and improvement to meet the diverse needs of our loyal customers, ranging from professional chefs to home cooks.

In an age where mass production dominates, even among longstanding Japanese manufacturers, the artistry of traditional knife making is at risk of fading away. Recognizing this challenge, we are committed to safeguarding and passing down these time-honored techniques to future generations. Our mission is to continue serving our esteemed chefs with the authentic craftsmanship they deserve.

While steadfastly adhering to the traditional methods of crafting Japanese knives, we acknowledge that it is indeed a challenging endeavor.

The acquisition of these skills is time-consuming. It typically requires a commitment of 8 to 10 years to train a proficient artisan capable of crafting knives for our customers.

Despite the lengthy apprenticeship period, we have never wavered in our belief in the value of this process. It is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our chefs for nearly two centuries, safeguarding and passing down our cherished traditions and skills.

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we are committed to providing our customers with more than just exceptional knives. We believe it's essential to offer comprehensive information about the rich traditions of knife making and our products. This ensures that our loyal customers not only acquire the right knives but also enjoy them for a lifetime. It's one of our ways of expressing gratitude to our faithful customers.

Moreover, our dedication to this mission stems from a desire to dispel misinformation surrounding knife craftsmanship. While online resources abound with details about materials, manufacturing techniques, and sharpening methods, discerning the accuracy of such information can be challenging. As seasoned artisans, we've encountered numerous inaccuracies, including the misconception that material type dictates the final product's quality. From our perspective, material selection is guided only by an understanding of knife usage, not the other way around.

Yet, how can people searching online for knowledge distinguish correct from incorrect? We believe the most reliable sources are traditional brands like ours, steeped in centuries of expertise. 

Therefore, we're launching a blog on our website—a platform where we can share our knowledge, dispel misinformation, and provide invaluable insights into the art of knife making.

SUGIMOTO is a longstanding Japanese knife maker dedicated to preserving and passing down the time-honored artistry of traditional knife crafting.

We are committed to crafting knives with care, using authentic Japanese techniques, and ensuring our customers acquire the right products and accurate information about Japanese knives.

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