Have you ever thought the lifespan of a knife?

In Japan, we have an ancient custom which a knife is used with sharpening regularly. However, people who sharpen a knife have decreased and knives which no need to sharpen became more popular.

The knife which no need to sharpen is not given proper heat tratment. To put it the other way around, because the knife  is not given the proper heat treament, it is not able to get sharp edge even if you sharpen it. So we can get it lower price and in return the knife woud become a disposable commodity.

On the other hand, the knife which is made by traditional production skills is more expemsive because they are made by the thought of the use for long time. 
The edge of the knife can be restored with sharpening.
So it is possible to use it for lasted a life with having the correct knowledges how to sharpen and maintein.

Recentry, the value,of the traditional knives and the long use by sharpening are reviewed especially from foreign countries.
We sincerely hope people who enjoy to sharpen and maintein own knife and use it last more will increase.

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